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Rev. Virginia Ward
Pastoral Care Services Provider

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I am happy to serve UIG members with hospital and home visits (including bringing Communion if desired), praying with you, and meeting anyone affiliated with UIG who wishes to talk about anything on their minds, either by phone, or at church, a coffee shop or your home, etc. I’m happy to talk with non-members as well as church members. Having attended 3 seminaries, I was ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 1987 and have served 7 churches. I have some training in pastoral care and counseling and am also a trained Spiritual Director: a type of coach that helps people explore their spiritual life. I have had lots of experience talking and praying with people about the deeper issues of life: chronic ill health or a physical crisis, emotional and family issues, spirituality, questions about faith, etc. If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to doing so and hope you’ll feel free to contact me to talk and pray together.

Virginia Ward

(707) 643-5761 (call or text)

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